McMahons Concrete Products

Website Upgrade & Product Listings

McMahons Concrete Products

Project Brief

AOS Web Services have been providing digital marketing and services for McMahons Concrete Products for several years. We run their Social Media campaigns as well as paid Google and Facebook advertising.

This website was an upgrade project. McMahons have a lot of products so they wanted to be able to show them all without having the website visitor get lost on the site. This was done using a graphical menu and a sidebar.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples


The new website contains more content and more design elements but still runs faster due to being built in a highly optimised way. The new design is much more sleek and modern.

One of our main aims for this new website was to present McMahons large catalog of products in a way that is easy to navigate. A sidebar remains on screen to allow the user to jump from one product category to another easily. A blog and testim onial section was also added.

Content Mangement System 100%
Graphic Design & Layout 100%
Marketing Optimisation 100%
Product Layout 100%

Adrian Mullane

McMahons Concrete Products

Annette has been working with McMahons for a number of years now and one of her most recent undertakings was to completely redesign our website from scratch. She used custom graphics and a very intuitive main menu which featured images of all of the product categories, this makes it very easy for people to find what they are looking for while simultaneously making them aware of the other products on offer.

It was very important that the website works on mobile and is fast. The new website scores 98% for performance so we are very happy with it.

We recommend AOS Web Services for web design or website updates.  

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