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Project Brief

Our own webite has evolved slowly since 2017 but in early 2021 we decided to recreate the site from scratch. We kept the colour scheme from the old site but we wanted more interesting ways to show off our growing portfolio of work.

We had also refined our service areas and wanted new webpages to describe each service in detail. We intend to write regular blog posts so the blog had to feature promenently on the new website.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples


As mentioned, we kept the general look and feel of the previous iteration of our website but we updated it substantially. One of the most important statements a web design company can make is through its body of work, so our portfolio of completed websites are definitely one of the most prominent featured of the new website. Each completed website gets its own page on the new site.

We also added a blog, an online payments feature to allow clients to make payments by credit card, and finally, a series of pages to describe our five main areas of business.

Content Management System 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Dynamic Portfolio Integration 100%
Online Payments 100%
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