Destination Dogs

New Website to showcase local business Destination Dog

Destination Dogs

Project Brief

Destination Dogs is the second website we have completed for the Gallagher family and was designed to be a sister-site to Gallagher Goldens. The client wanted us to reach a balance in carrying the original look and feel from the first website while creating something appropriate to suit the new business, sourcing of pets for international clients. The result was a 120-page website featuring some of the cutest animals you will ever see!

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples


Like the sister-website, we began with the logo design. We wanted to retain the colour scheme and work the business title into the graphic part of the logo. We created a location marker incorporating a dogs face which works well. We then set about creating a layout that suited the new business and portrayed the required information in easy to read blocks. The vast catalog of animal breeds was then added, with each breed getting a dedicated page.

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