Deuces Wild

Promotional website and events system

Deuces Wild

Project Brief

Deuces Wild are a band from Co. Cork. Their website was very dated and needed to be updated. They hired AOS Web Services to create a new website from scratch, the only real directives were that the site should use a lot of Red and Black as these are the bands brand colours.

They wanted an Events system built in to the website to promote their gigs around the country.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples


Red and Black. Everything was built around that colour scheme. In addition, we felt that using video was a great way to highlight the energetic up-tempo performance of the lads so we decided to use a full screen background video as a backdrop on the homepage. The website is a multimedia experience with audio, video and photos from the band.

A blog and events sytem were then added to finalise the requirements for the website.

Graphic Design 100%
Video 100%
Events System 100%
Audio Integration 100%
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