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NOK Photography

Project Brief

Norbert and Joanna Kuleta are a husband and wife team of photographers based in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Being artistic in nature they had very particular ideas on how they wanted their website to look, and obviously the availability of top quality photographs was not going to be an issue here. They wanted a way to give clients access to private portfolios. In addition, this site was to be built to facilitate the future addition of a shop to sell photos online.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples


We took Norbert’s design ideas and worked them into a website. The main navigation menu on the homepage was to link to specific parts of the homepage, each section featuring a suitable full-screen image, on inner pages a different form of main menu was to be used.

The photo portfolios were arranged, some public, some private. We added a blog so Norbert and Joanna could write articles on their business from time to time. The website was set up to facilitate a later addition of an online store where their clients in Limerick and beyond could purchase photos directly from the website.

Website and CMS Setup 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Custom Coding 100%
Ecommerce Preparation 100%
Certified Digital Marketing Professional
WordPress expert
Shopify Partner
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