Finally… our new website!

It has been a very busy six months for us at AOS Web Services, lots of client’s projects to get finished, as a result a long-term project that we had been working on for ourselves has been put on hold but we are finally finished our website upgrade. The new website that you are looking at now features portfolio pages for a lot of our recent projects as well as more detail on the core services that we offer in the area of web design, ecommerce and branding.

Over the next few months we plan to write a lot of useful blog posts on how to go about improving your online presence. Stay tuned for more!

Ecommerce: The basics

We all know that Covid-19 has really accelerated the online shopping revolution. Even those that are usually not so keen on buying online found themselves buying their weekly groceries online as a safety measure. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify soared in popularity.

Ecommerce has surpassed levels not expected until 2025 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expected to bring in over $843 billion in sales this year.

Read more about our ecommerce work here.

Why all businesses need websites

It goes without saying in the year 2021 that all businesses need websites but let’s outline some of the reasons why this is true:

  • Your customers expect you to have one
  • 93% of purchase decisions start with an online search
  • It provides social proof
  • You control the message of your business
  • Your competitors all have company websites
  • Be open 24/7
  • You’ll show up in Google search results
  • Showcase your products and services

Watch this space for upcoming statistics and analysis of the benefits of having an up to date modern website.